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You found Saarinity! how about serenity?

Saarinity is a safe and supportive space where you can process difficult situations, find direction, and feel empowered to take action toward your goals. We know firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate through life and find meaning in everything around us.


That’s why we offer a range of services dedicated to helping our clients discover their passions and gifts, cultivate a healthy mindset, and establish habits that facilitate personal growth. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and create a life full of joy and purpose. Let us help you take the first step towards a more fulfilling life today.

Hi, I'm Katelyn

ICF Accredited ICC Certified

Master Holistic Life and Career Coach

I'm in the business of helping you and your crew achieve your wildest dreams.

Hop in! Let's go for a ride.


Talk to me, and we'll make a plan.


We'll get you there, hand-in-hand.


What I Specialize In

Discover your true self

Establish positive habits

Mental Wellness Guidance

SMARTER Goal Setting

Your Dream Career Toolkit

Alpinen meadow

A new day is here.

Awaken to a world of possibilities.

Having been looked over for several promotions, I felt under-appreciated at work. After upgrading my CV with Katelyn, I got an interview for a management position. The interviewer asked exactly the same questions as I had practiced with Katelyn during our coaching session. I got the job, and it accelerated my career trajectory!

- Abdel

As my mental wellness guide, Katelyn removed the stigma around mental health, gave me the knowledge and courage I needed to seek the help of an expert, and as a result, accept myself and improve my wellbeing. The ripple effects on my family have been transformative.

- Douglas

I was nervous about an upcoming interview for an elite leadership program. Preparing with Katelyn helped root me in my unique strengths. When the time came, I was confident that they would be lucky to have me in the cohort.

- Selma

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