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 Meet Katelyn 
Saarinity Founder

ICF Accredited ICC Certified Master Holistic Life and Career Coach

Master in EU Political and Administrative Studies

Cambridge CELTA Certified Instructor

Hi there, my name is Katelyn, and I'm a wellness and personal development coach. I've been there; I know what it's like to struggle with anxiety, overthinking, unprocessed trauma, and unidentified neurodiversity. But I also know that there is a path forward, one that leads to healing and peace. My personal journey towards healing has inspired me to help others end unnecessary suffering and find the peace they deserve.

During my studies at the College of Europe and subsequent career in consulting and association work, I developed a deep understanding of European Public Affairs, Strategic Communications, and how each individual stakeholder fits into the bigger picture, as well as an understanding of organizational needs and struggles.  


After this experience, I went through intensive training as an instructor. I gained valuable insights into teaching and knowledge retention. 

The cumulative effect of these experiences has given me a keen sense of the external and internal pressures we are experiencing as a society and as individuals. Every consultation I take keeps these challenges in mind.


Whether you want to:

  • improve your personal or professional life, or

  • the wellbeing and effectiveness of your team,


I can help you get there, provide you with a safe and caring space to lay out your challenges and provide you with effective, evidence-based solutions to devise and achieve your goals.

I can't wait to take this journey with you. Let's go!

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